Our Story

Chef Fresh Lifestyle Ready Meals for home & on the go. Our Executive Chef & culinary team prepare your meals at our Eden Tree kitchen using fresh healthy ingredients and exciting techniques to create a W1 dining experience wherever you are. Order hot to eat on the go or heat/freeze at home.

Chef Fresh Ready Meals for home use or Grab & Go. Community Cafe with delicious breakfast & lunchtime menu.

Youth Cafe: positive progression routes for young people. Youth Enterprise Zone - local young people co-designing the Eden Tree Catering Project. Eden Tree Catering - for all your events & functions. Eden Tree Micro Urban Allotments - plant & grow service for the community & fresh produce for our foods.

All proceeds from our enterprise are reinvested back into our charitable work.

At Eden Tree, you aren’t just buying a meal, you are shaping a culture and transforming the community.

Who we are

Eden Tree Catering is a project of Kingsley Hall, a local charity Reg. Charity 1120001 in Dagenham, on the outskirts of East London with a passion for regeneration and creating livable communities since 1929.

What motivates us

Eden means a ‘delightful place’ and to us Eden Tree means choice and choosing fresh, creative and healthy lifestyle foods, prepared to inspire by a local team led by our Executive Chef.

We dream

Of contributing towards holistic wellbeing and recognise how what we eat makes a difference. We promote chef fresh lifestyle foods over the junk eating or the latest diet fad. We are motivated by our local borough and seek to reverse poor health statistics related to eating habits.

Your custom makes a difference

All proceeds from Eden Tree Catering form an important part of our charity income which enables us to provide community support to 1000’s of people from a background of disadvantage and disability and to promote healthy lifestyle eating.

Our Executive Chef and Staff Team

Meet our executive chef Kurt

MY PASSION: fresh, local ingredients for maximum flavour & nutrients.
MY PREPARATION: unique unlocking of eden taste without additives or preserves.
MY PROFILE: 20 yrs. Canary Wharf, Chelsea, O2, 108 Brasserie, Marylebone W1 to Eden.

Meet Zaphira...Eden Hospitality

25 years of enterprise including community coffee shop & founder of My Giftbox & Eden Tea Rooms.
Zaphira adds our Mediterranean fusion.

Meet Tom...Eden Vibe

Co-founder o Jerky Jerk street food, Tom loves to create community.
Dagenham based, Tom brings the street to the flavour and the flavour to the street.

Lifestyle Ready

Eat Fresh & Live Well